Replacement 621/601 steam tank for Nortec steam style humidifier. Series: EL, NHEL, NHTC, NHPC, NHMC. Models: 50-200 lbs/h, 208-240V, Three Phase.

Steam Generation

As soon as the electrodes come in contact with the water, current begins to flow between the electrodes, generating heat. As the water level continues to rise, more surface of the electrodes come in contact with the water. This results in more current draw. Once the water has heated to the boiling point, steam will be produced. (Note: On first startup when the conductivity level of the water is low, it may take 30-60 minutes for water to heat sufficiently to produce steam).

When the steam output reaches the requested level, the fill valve closes. As water is evaporated, the water level and current drop. When the current falls below a certain percentage of the requested level, the fill valve opens to raise the water level and the current and maintain the required steam output level.

When the actual output is higher than the requested steam output, the fill valve remains closed until the desired output level is achieved through a gradual lowering of the water level due to evaporation.


As clean steam is produced, the minerals that are in the water remain in the steam generating cylinder and are periodically removed through the automatic drain system. Nortec's patented auto-adaptive control system is designed to produce 100% of rated output capacity right up until end of cylinder life. At this time, the cylinder is easily removed and replaced with a new clean cylinder.

While other humidifiers must be totally disassembled for cleaning and require hazardous acids to remove the minerals, the cylinder in your Nortec humidifier is easily removed and replaced. Since the cylinders are produced of inert plastics and retain only the water borne minerals, disposal problems are at a minimum.

This ease of cleaning and cylinder replacement is one of the main features that helps reduce customer maintenance costs. It allows optimum service from the humidifier and keeps the time required for maintenance to a minimum.


More Information
Manufacturer Nortec
Service Interval 3 to 12 Months
Product Length 21 Inches
Product Width 12 Inches
Product Height 12 Inches
Product Weight 11.15
Material Plastic
Color White
Country of Manufacture Canada
Dimension Length 23.000000
Dimension Width 13.000000
Dimension Height 13.000000



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